Want to Live Quietly Avoid Bad Credit? Use these 5 methods

Having a dream item is everyone’s right. However, sometimes these desires must be buried because financial capabilities do not support. For example, a house or a car can cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Even though the house is a primary need.

But that was then. Since the advent of the installment or credit system, buying a house or other goods is no longer a dream. All can be realized. Unfortunately, due to not being able to manage finances properly or too consumptive lifestyles, it causes problems stuck in the problem of bad credit.

Instead of rejoicing because you have succeeded in grasping the dream item, you are instead confused by the debt that swells. Therefore, there needs to be a strategy or way so that you avoid this bad credit name. Anything?


Calculating Expenditures

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The first strategy you can apply is to count expenses for 1 month. Make a note of what your money is spent on. Sort expenses from the largest to the smallest. By doing these tips, the benefits to know how you behave in spending money every month.

So if you find that there are expenses that are less or not important, you must reduce or eliminate them in the following months. Money from savings is saved or used to pay credit installments.


Adjust the Installment Tenure with Finance

In the case of filing installments, whether it is vehicle installments, Home Ownership Loans (KPR), to electronic goods, creditors usually provide an installment simulation that will be adjusted to the debtor’s ability. Before you apply for a loan, look at the simulation.

Choose the right tenor or credit installment maturity, because that will determine the amount of your installments every month. So adjust everything with your financial capacity so that the payments become lighter, more timely and consistent.


Find Side Jobs

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If you are ready to apply for a loan, you must be prepared with the obligation to pay installments per month. Salary obtained must be set aside to fulfill these responsibilities. If the salary is mediocre, you can find a side job to increase income. The risk is tired. His name also has to spend more energy, time, and mind.


Selling Personal Items That Are Not Used

Try to see the items in your room or home? Are there any unused? If there are, even in large quantities, you can collect and sell these items to friends or through social media or e-commerce. Not bad used goods can be money to add to the contents of the wallet and pay the debt repayments. The house is no longer crowded with goods piled up.


Create a Special Account

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Sometimes, the temptation to withdraw money from an account often arises. Without realizing it, the balance in the account was running low, while the installment payments had entered due. This is certainly uncomfortable, right? To avoid situations like this, it would be nice if you have a separate personal account or special account.

One account to enter and exit income every month, and another account specifically for storing installments. How noisy? No, you will be helped in this way. But remember, debt installment savings in a special account must not be contested. Do not be tempted to pull it.


Discipline Pay Installments For a Quiet Life

Actually, debt is not wrong if it is used for productive things, such as applying for a mortgage. Besides having a residence, you also invest at the same time. Including buying dream items using a credit card. Provided you are disciplined to pay credit installments every month so that your life is calm and happy. May be useful.